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Solution to 800t gantry crane of Jingjiang New Era

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Project summary

The crane is used for hoisting working such as hull segments assembly and turning over. The crane has the maximum rated hoisting weight of 800t and span of 218m, which is the crane with the largest span in use in China.

Two carts are setup on the crane girder, with the same hoisting weight and function as well as the similar structure. The hoisting weight of each upper cart is 400t. 2 suits of hook are configured on both left and right side respectively, with the hoisting weight of 200t. The upper and lower carts will not affect each other during the travelling. The maximum hoisting weight of two upper carts is 800t. lower cart can assist upper cart in hull segments turning over.


Power supply system uses high voltage power. The whole system consists of hoisting mechanism, cart mechanism and carrier mechanism. SIEMENS multi-transmission VVVF technics are used, with energy feedback function. Main control system uses SIEMENS PLC to control the synchronization of hoisting and cart. CMS crane management system and large touch screen are used in the upper layer. The whole control system communicates by Profibus DP to achieve the safety and stability of the system

During the electrical design and equipment selection for the crane, technical advancement, reliability, safety, high efficiency, energy saving and maintenance convenience have been fully considered. Humidity proof and dust proof type equipment are selected as the interior electrical device, while water proof, humidity proof, Salt spray proof and dust proof type equipment are selected as the exterior electrical equipment. All the selected electrical equipment are suitable for the hoisting machine