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Xingcheng Steel 200t fixed crane

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Bridge crane system features

  • Drive system uses frequency conversion control, common DC bus, energy feedback and safety energy saving
  • Automation system uses distributed I/O station, field bus technique, PLC I/O station locally set, full fiber connection, which saves the cable cost with strong anti-interference ability and convenient maintenance.
  • Position encoder uses field bus connection with strong anti-interference ability
  • EMC control is emphasized in complete machine design with strong anti-interference ability
  • Standard modularize software design
  • metallurgy crane: high environment temperature, heavy dust, the Power Supply Room needs seal, temperature reduction and Dehumidity, high cabinet protection level
  • metallurgy crane: high system reliability, considering hot standby or cold standby
  • auto swing proof control: control the hoisting tool swing effectively, ensure the machine safety and precise positioning
  • Swing proof without sensor: real-time hoisting tool height detection and cart position. Real-time control the cart speed and acceleration on the basis of pendulum model to achieve auto swing proof
  • Swing proof with sensor: real-time hoisting tool height detection and cart position. Real-time detect the hoisting tool swing angle and angled speed using sensors. Build up the model on the basis of follow-up control theory, dynamics analysis and Ergonomics basic principle to precisely control the swing of the hoisting tool and auto swing proof
  • Image recognition for the hoisting tool cabinets: by recognizing the hoisting tool image, the swing angle and angled speed of the hoisting tool are calculated and the closed-loop anti-swing