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600t/h bridge-type grab ship unloader for Conch Cement Company

Publish Date:2012-01-30

Operation mode

  • Supporting mode: single driving motor mode is supported
  • Switching mode: switch the single driving motor mode (when the grab is initialized)
  • Hoisting and switching mode: grab working manually mode
  • Grab mode: normal auto/semi-auto working mode
  • Bulldozer mode: special mode for hoisting clearing machine


Grab initialization

  • Hoisting initialization
  • Switching initialization
  • Cart initialization
  • Grab lifting operation
  • Grab switching operation


Key technics

  • Grab auto switching control: auto soft switch on/off eliminates the shock to the machine
  • Deep digging control: auto sink when grab off feeding, auto moment control achieves maximum dredging mass, the sinking value is adjustable
  • Position synchronizing control when grab on lifting, which ensures hoisting and switching mechanisms lift synchronously
  • Switching is supported when grab off lifting to achieve the load balance control and ensure hoisting and switching mechanisms torque equilibrium and grab close tightly