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HDM Energy Feedback Device Energetically Promoted Energy-Saving and Emission-Reducing in Ningbo Port

Publish Date:2013-02-28

HITE has recently signed the contract of gantry energy feedback reformation project with Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals Ltd. This energy reformation project is the first time in domestic ports to operate 4 energy feedback devices at the same time on overhead slide-contact wires. HITE provides 4 HITE HDM series energy feedback devices and a complete energy-saving reformation solution for this project and is responsible for project installation, adjusting and so on.


As a domestic leading container terminals company, Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals Ltd. attaches importance to energy conservation, efficiency improvement and technology renovation, therefore, it has a high demands for product function and system reliability. An old saying goes “Shopping around will make the high quality win.” HITE has many competitors and at last stands out of them after long term field trials and strict tests by Ningbo Beilun International Container Terminals Ltd. HITE relies on professionalism of technicians, reliability of product functions and significant effects of energy saving to stand out from the competition.


It is reported that this project has smoothly passed the inspection and HITE is working on future cooperation with Ningbo Port. After testing, its energy-saving efficiency reaches 40% and current harmonic is less than 4%, which is much higher than national standard. It also improves power factor to 0.988, which is much higher than standards of the power company.


HITE energy feedback products and on-site technology services have been highly praised by customers. The successful application of this project has raised strong responses in port industry all over the country, which is a good example for promoting these products in the future. Until now, many large ports have shown their cooperation intention in the future.