Floating crane

Publish Date:2012-03-29

The kinematic structure of floating crane consists of hoisting mechanism, pitching mechanism,

Ship translating mechanism and tackle mechanism.

Key technique features:

  1. Multiple hooks combinational synchronizing, speed and position synchronizing
  2. Constant power: the speed is increased when light load given so that the working efficiency is improved.
  3. Stable ship translating control: special control model is used to control the ship translating stably due to the variation of ship resistance.
  4. Constant speed control: because the steel wire rope rolls overlay on the drum, the speed of the rope differs in layers with corresponding rotation radius. The steel wire rope layer measurement is used to change the motor revolutions and achieves a constant speed of the rope
  5. Hoisting slip proof control: good speed control and brake control are achieved on the basis of moment rectification to ensure the hoisting safety
  6. Excellent harmonic management
  7. Accurate hoisting hyper-moment protection
  8. Overrun control
  9. Complete safety protection for electrical control system
  10. Floating crane CMS