Gantry crane

Publish Date:2012-03-29

Main kinematic mechanism of gantry crane for ship building

  • upper cart hoisting ½ mechanism
  • lower cart main/slave hoisting mechanism
  • running mechanism for upper/lower cart
  • rigid leg running mechanism of carrier, flexible leg running mechanism of carrier

key technique of gantry crane for ship building

  1. Multiple main hooks can combinational synchronous as speed/position synchronizing, auto trace, auto synchronizing, auto rectification
  2. Dual cart auto synchronizing control and soft limiting control
  3. The precision of auto synchronizing achieves millimeter level
  4. Encoder auto correction
  5. Multiple main hooks auto flux-weakening according to the load
  6. Carrier auto rectification, accurate speed synchronizing output, encoder accurate correction at multi-sections

Optimized error correction algorithm, PI control, soft rectification and low speed auto rectification