Bridge crane

Publish Date:2012-03-29

Quayside container gantry crane is a specialized freight container handling equipment.

Quayside container gantry crane kinematic mechanism mainly includes hoisting mechanism, cart mechanism, pitching mechanism and running mechanism.

Key technique of electric control system:

Quayside container gantry crane semi-auto operating and electronic anti-swing

Swing proof dynamic semi-auto running trace, safety and high efficiency

Machine vision, auto anti-swing, auto positioning

Shipside tank profile auto detecting, self-learning model and positioning technics

Landside tank positioning technics

Truck hoisting proof technics, bin hoisting proof technics

Laser anti-collision technics

Slip proof protection on the basis of load, speed and acceleration anticipation

Multi-safety protection, combinational protection of anti-misoperation

LCMS, RCMS hoisting electric control system