Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crane, rail-mounted gantry cranes

Publish Date:2012-03-29

Rubber-Tyred Gantry Crane and rail-mounted gantry crane are specialized container handling equipment at the container yard.


The former uses the local generator set as the power supply and can travel along the track; the latter is powered by the cable drum and travels only along specific steel track.

The kinematic mechanism of rubber-tyred gantry crane and rail-mounted gantry crane include hoisting mechanism, cart mechanism and running mechanism.

Solution to rubber-tyred gantry crane and rail-mounted gantry crane and the technique features:

  • Dynamic semi-auto moving path, safety and high efficiency
  • Machine vision, auto anti-swing, auto positioning
  • Shipside tank profile auto detecting, self-learning model and positioning technics
  • Landside tank positioning technics, Truck hoisting proof technics
  • Laser anti-collision technics
  • Rubber-tyred gantry crane: carrier auto rectification technics
  • Rubber-tyred gantry crane: high line oil to electricity energy saving technics
  • LCMS, RCMS crane management system
  • Auto weaken-field speed increasing and constant speed control according to the load
  • Featured slip proof, envelope protection, soft limitation and encoder protection, misoperation protection etc. multi safety protection technics.